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“My greatest satisfaction, what gives me true joy, is helping people find clarity in life. Assisting them in figuring out who they truly are, who they want to be, what makes them happy and how to create the life of their dreams.  Working together to build their confidence and guiding in their transformation from good to great” Penney Murphy


Penney doesn’t just talk about transformation, change and creating the life of your dreams…she lives it!

In the midst of a successful radio broadcasting career, she sought out a more challenging and fulfilling path for her own life.  At the age of 35 years she began her first degree at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon.

Three University degrees later, and a successful counselling business now to her credit, Penney loves to share her knowledge and experience guiding others on their journey from good to great.

What Penney brings to a situation is more than what she learned at University. She draws on her own wealth of life experience.  She’s endured struggles, uncertainty, and doubts just like every one else.
But with a strong desire to change, to improve, to grow, Penney reached her goals, and has been recognized nationally for her success.

Penney’s hope is to make a difference in someone’s life every day.  She can help to inspire and direct you to be the happy, successful person you were meant to be and to live the life of your dreams.

Penney’s methods go beyond coaching and mentoring, specializing in intensive, strategic planning for all aspects of life, career and retirement, with focused optimism and deliberate action.

Penney works closely with a select number of clients, one-on-one, providing the guidance, resources and an effective, manageable plan to help them elevate their lives from where they are now to where they want to be.




Penney Murphy Life SolutionsPenney offers VIP packages.

Spend a half-day or full day one on one with Penney.
Relax and enjoy as she leads you through a session of self-discovery.  You’ll focus on what makes you happy, what is important to you, what you want more of, and what your ideal life looks like.  Then it’s on to goal-setting, and identifying and overcoming obstacles that stand in the way of your success.  Together you will build a personalized road map and strategic action plan so that you can confidently move forward with inspiration and momentum to achieve your goals and dreams.

The VIP package also includes quarterly follow-up check-ins that will further support, encourage and track your progress.

For more information on the ½ day and full day VIP packages 


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 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards

Following a record-breaking 4,000 nominees from across the country, Penney Murphy, President/Owner of Penney Murphy & Associates has been named the recipient of the Micro Business Award at the 2014 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards in Toronto.

Penney Murphy Life Solutions


Presented by Women of Influence, the prestigious awards recognize the country’s leading female entrepreneurs who have made impressive and substantial contributions to the local, Canadian or global economy.

The Micro Business Award is dedicated to a female entrepreneur that is proving small businesses can have great impact, innovation, momentum and more.


RBC Canadian Woman of Influence : 2014 Business Award Winner

SaskBusiness Magazine: Woman of Influence 2013 

NSBA Business Builder Awards : Small Business of the Year – 2012

Edward School Of Business : Woman of Influence – 2010

Saskatoon YWCA Women Of Distinction Awards : Woman Entrepreneur of the Year – 2007

Greater Saskatoon Chamber SABEX Awards : Small Business of the Year – 2008 & Customer Service Excellence – 2007

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