Finding it hard to get motivated?  Here’s a great idea from our Registered Psychologist Olivia Dangas.  

The Five-Minute Rule

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We have all been there: sitting on the couch; waiting for the motivation to do something, putting off daily tasks and procrastinating things we need to get done.

This leads to even less energy and motivation, and also likely elicits some feelings of guilt and frustration.

These guilty and frustrated feelings encourage even less motivation, and so the cycle continues…

So, how can you take immediate action and make your habits easier?

The answer is the five-minute rule!

Assess your tasks and to do list and if there are things that can be done in 5 minutes
or less, do them now!

This could be taking simple actions towards household tasks such as making the bed, putting in a load of laundry, or calling to book an appointment.

It could also be doing things to prepare and plan such as setting out gym clothes for your morning workout or packing your lunch the night before.

The 5-minute rule feels easier for our brains to approach (vs many and/or larger tasks) and allows us to build motivation on each small task that we complete.

This completion of tasks also makes us want to continue doing things in order to keep receiving dopamine (the reward chemical in our brain). Win-win!

What can you do, right now, to take 5-minutes of action towards your to-do list? Give it a try.

Olivia would love to work with you.  She works with Adults, Couples and Youth 13+.

Book your appointment with OLIVIA, here.

Cheers to getting motivated, 


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