Want to make your life better?  Here’s a great tool that you can use and share with your family members.  It greatly increases quality of life!  I love it!  Thanks to our Counsellor Wendy Monks-Janzen for sharing it  👍🙂

Are you a bucket filler? Penney Murphy & Associates
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Are You A Bucket Filler?

This week, my child came home from school excitedly sharing a technique I use when working with children and youth. The best part—was her ability to express her own acts of kindness as well as those of others. It was a grounding moment when she asked, “Mom and dad, are you a bucker filler or a bucket dumper?” What a reminder that we too can role model our behaviour with our children.

If you haven’t heard this analogy before, I imagine you are wondering what I am talking about. Visualize an empty bucket; the goal is to fill the bucket up. In order to be a bucket filler, a person uses acts of kindness or love to make someone else feel better. This teaches us how to be empathetic of others needs and how to increase our awareness of those around us. In the process of filling other buckets, you may notice, that this also fills up your own.

Whose bucket will you fill today?

That’s so good, Wendy!  Thank you.

If increasing your quality of life is a priority for you, Wendy would love to work with you.  She works with children of all ages, youth, and adults.

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Cheers to bucket filling.


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