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Business Solutions at Penney Murphy & Associates provides specialized services for small to medium-sized businesses in Saskatoon and area.  Penney Murphy & Associates delivers innovative solutions to help businesses succeed.
We work with hundreds of local businesses who trust us to keep their organizations healthy and productive and to support and enhance the well-being of their employees.

You can depend on us for your company, too!

For further information on our Business Solutions, please contact us at (306) 242.1010 or click here to email us.

Employee and Family Assistance Programs (EFAP)

Business Solutions Penney Murphy and Associates
An EFAP with Penney Murphy & Associates provides your employees and their family members with professional and confidential counseling & coaching services in assessing and resolving work, relationship, family, stress, health, and life issues.

Not only will your employees feel supported by your company and see you as an Employer of Choice, EFAP’s are proven to be a good business investment as well, helping your company to:

  • Increase the happiness and well-being of your employees
  • Create a motivated and productive workforce
  • Reduce employee absence rates and associated costs
  • Lower health, drug and benefits/disability costs
  • Attract and retain employees

We offer daytime, evening and Saturday appointments with a full range of services for individuals, couples, families, parents, teens and young children.

To set up an EFAP for your company, or for further information contact us at (306) 242.1010 or click here to contact us.

Outplacement Career Transition Services

Downsizing, restructuring and employee terminations can be stressful for both the organizations and employees.  Let us help. career transition

Penney Murphy & Associates provides Career Transition Services for employees to make the transition into their next job as smooth and efficient as possible. 

Choose one of our Career Transition Packages to include as a severance benefit. 

Our Basic Career Transition Package includes Resume Development & Job Interview Preparation.

Our Premium Career Transition Package includes 5 one on one coaching sessions, career & personality assessments to assist in evaluating best career alternatives, resume development and job interview preparation and effective job search strategies. 

We also provide on-site assistance at the employee transition meeting to assist both the notifying manager and the employee.

Business Solutions Penney Murphy and AssociatesConflict Resolution / Mediation Services

in dealing with peer to peer and manager/employee conflict.


Executive Coaching for Managers & Leaders

Customized one-on-one coaching to assist individuals to further enhance their professional skills, effectiveness, and performance.

Penney Murphy & Associates Executive Coaching also offers an opportunity to explore options, gain clarity, renew passions, identify and utilize strengths, and enhance skills.

Workplace Investigation Services:

Our thorough investigation services and successful process can assist your company if/when dealing with incidents or complaints of harassment, bullying, sexual harassment or discrimination, suspected employee fraud.

SALCE (Substance Abuse/Life Circumstance Evaluation) Assessments – SGI Accredited

Business Solutions Penney Murphy and Associates

If there is a concern regarding employee drug or alcohol use/abuse, the SALCE report presents assessment information that can be used in a broad range of workplace decision-making situations.  Clients complete the assessment online and a comprehensive report is produced that will compliment and guide the work done in counselling sessions. The goal of this examination is to arrive at the most appropriate intervention to bring about the required behavior change.
The SALCE report includes specific identifiers for making quick decisions for a referral to drug or alcohol treatment or education.

EQ Assessments

This assessment tool measures the following EQ areas; Self-Awareness,
Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Management and Leadership and identifies specific strengths and weaknesses within these areas. The process includes an intake interview, followed by 360-degree interviews and a self-assessment inventory, written assessment, and plan. Typically coaching/mentoring is offered to support the areas requiring development.





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