Child & Youth Counselling

youth counselling , saskatoonSometimes it’s tough being a kid.  There are a lot of pressures, stress and expectations.  If your child is struggling…We Can Help!

We have Counsellors who specialize in working with children and youth. Counsellors Julie Hershey, Jesslet Siluvairayan, Jen Mazur, Clint Moroz, Carol Metcalfe, Shannon Franz work with children and youth of all ages.
Counsellor Kyle Schwartz works with children and youth between 6 – 20 year old.   

Counsellors Olivia Pawluk and Garry Prediger work with youth 13+.     

We also offer art therapy and play therapy which is extremely helpful for children when they may not have the words to describe their feelings.

If booking an appointment for your child with Counsellor Julie Hershey…
Please note Julie requires the first session be a ‘parent(s) only’ session to allow her to gain insight and fully understand the situation that your child is experiencing.  This helps to guide Julie’s work with your child for the most positive outcome.

Children and youth under the age of 16 must have legal guardian consent for services.  
Youth aged 16 and over are able to book counselling sessions on their own if so desired, and are entitled to total confidentiality.

If parents of the child/children are separated/divorced, both parents must sign a consent form for counselling services prior to the first session with the child.  Parental consent forms can be sent by email for signatures prior to your first visit and our office will help you with this.youth councelling, saskatoon


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