Who doesn’t want to improve self confidence and self compassion? Both can go along way to increase our quality of life.  One way to do it is to get in touch with our Inner Child.  Our Psychologist Olivia Dangas tells us how.  

Connect to Your Inner Child

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Holistic Psychologist Dr. Nicole LePera believes that one way to increase our self-confidence and compassion towards ourselves is by exploring inner child work. Inner chid work involves connecting to the child that is inherently present within each of us, and acknowledging all of the things they have experienced through our lives.

Here are some ways to connect to your inner child:

– Write a short letter to your inner child, with a focus on letting them know they are safe, loved, and deserving of good things.

– Find a picture of your younger self. Print and frame it, or set it as the background on your phone. When you find yourself engaging in mean, negative self talk, look at the photo of your younger self to be reminded that you are also being mean to that little person. This helps with self-compassion, as we would likely not actually say those things to any young child or person.

– Play! Engage in child-like activities with a focus on joy, movement, and creativity.


This is great stuff, Olivia! 

Olivia would love to work with you.  She works with Adults, Couples and Youth 13+.

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Cheers to connecting with our inner child,


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