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Counselling Solutions.  Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, stressed or unhappy?  You’re not alone…every one of us has ‘stuff’ that we deal with at one point or another.

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AT Penney Murphy & Associates, we have solutions to fix the “stuff”.

You want freedom from stress and anxiety.  You want to know how to remove the fear, the issues, the obstacles.  You want happiness.

We give you the tools to draw a new map for your life journey.

Our approach is simple…you talk, we listen.

And then, together we’ll design a  strategic plan, customized specifically to assist you in changing your situation for the better and to get more good into your life.

Using our specialized processes and techniques, our clients experience positive change in just 2-3 sessions.

Its about offering hope, sharing effective tools and creating solutions.

A positive, comfortable and upbeat process that gets results.

At Penney Murphy and Associates we believe so strongly in what we do, that we offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Here are some of the major counselling solutions / services we offer at Penney Murphy & Associates:

Other Related Services:

Child Custody/Access Assessments

These assessments are completed according to Saskatchewan Family Justice Services standards.

Children’s Voices Assessments

Focuses on the child’s perspective in separation and divorce. These assessments are completed according to Saskatchewan Family Justice Service standards.

SALCE (Substance Abuse/Life Circumstance Evaluation) Assessments– SGI Accredited.

SALCE evaluations are sometimes ordered by the court after drug or alcohol arrest or charges such as DUI (Driving under the influence) or DWI (Driving while intoxicated).

Your lawyer may also want you to have the evaluation to assess whether or not you have a drug or alcohol problem and to determine the most appropriate intervention to bring about the required behaviour change. The SALCE report includes specific identifiers for making quick decisions for referral to treatment or education.

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