Rapid Fire Questions 

If you’re a fan of Brene Brown’s ‘Unlocking Us’ podcast on Spotify, you’ll be familiar with her Rapid Fire Questions that she asks of her podcast guests.  The questions allow you to get to know each guest a little from a personal standpoint.

I thought it might be fun to ask our Counsellors some Rapid Fire Questions (some are similar to Brene’s plus I’ve added a few questions of my own).  This will give you some insight and help you to get to know our Team.


Erica Kovach

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Erica Kovach

B.Sc., B.A., M.Ed.,
Registered Psychologist (Provisional)


Erica Kovach has a Bachelor’s Degree in Science, a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts (psych) and a Master’s Degree in Education.  She is a Registered Psychologist (Provisional).  

Erica does incredible work with adults and mature youth 16 years and older. 


Read all about her areas of specialization here.  

Here are ERICA’S answers to our Rapid Fire Questions

 1.  What is Your ‘Go To’ Stress Management Technique
     that you
couldn’t live without?

      Definitely mindfulness practices, redirecting myself to the
      present moment and then talking to myself kindly.

 2.  The Best Advice You Ever Got

      My dad once told me that a truly smart person is someone
      who knows that no matter who they are talking to
      – the other person can teach them something they didn’t
      already know.

  3.  What is something that people often get wrong about

      People used to think I looked younger than I was…

      but I’m not sure if that is still true!!??

  4.  What’s the last show you binged and loved?

      Recently I watched two Rosamund Pike series: “I care a lot”
      and “Wheel of time”. I loved both!

  5.  What is a lesson that you keep having to learn over
       and over again?

      Probably that being single is great.

  6.  What’s your Favorite Meal:

      Mexican food… Vegetarian Mexican food!

  7.  A Concert You’ll never forget:

     This is hard to pick! Last October I saw Bahamas
     (for the 6th time… I love them). It was my first indoor
     concert since Covid. The energy moving between the band
     and the crowd was incredible. Everyone looked so happy to
     be there. It was magic.

  8.  What’s on your nightstand right now?

      A selenite lamp, a Kleenex box, and many, many
      bobby pins.

  9.  Give us a snapshot of an ordinary moment in your life
      that brings you great joy:

      Oh boy, probably playing board games with my daughter.         
      She just taught me chess, and we’ve been playing a lot.

      I’m a quick study and obviously way older than her,
      so when she beats me, especially when I don’t see it coming
      – I love that. That brings me great joy.

 10. What is one thing you’re deeply grateful for right now?

      I try to be grateful for everything… but that’s probably too       
      fluffy an answer? I am grateful for my clients.

      I’m grateful to be working in a job that I love.

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