I’m a big believer in focusing on our strengths rather than weaknesses. And so is our Registered Psychologist (Provisional) Murray Heintz.  Here’s an exercise he uses with his clients to help them to see their strengths and everything that is wonderful about them.   

What Are Your Strengths?

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When conducting a therapy session, I often ask the person I am meeting what their strengths are.

Asking this question helps identify, among other things, their level of insight into themselves, what we can tap into to help them better manage whatever referral issue they are seeking help for, and as a gauge of their sense of hope and autonomy.

But unfortunately, things like depression or anxiety can erode a person’s self-confidence leaving them to overfocus on their deficits, real or imagined, or unable to identify specific skills or strengths they possess, further strengthening feelings of hopelessness or lack of control.

One approach that can be used to improve your sense of self is to use self inventories to identify your skills in various areas of your life.

Looking for strengths can also help challenge the negative, often unfounded beliefs we create about ourselves and our circumstances.

People who know their strengths and use them daily tend to be happier, have better self-esteem, and are more likely to complete their goals.

This exercise will help you enter the strength-spotting mindset.

1. Think about a fictional character.

Name an inspiring character from a book, movie, or TV show:

List their strengths:

Describe how they use their strengths to overcome challenges or in everyday life:

2. Think about an inspiring person you know.

Name an inspiring person you know:

List their strengths:

Describe how they use their strengths to overcome challenges or in everyday life:

3. Think about yourself.

List your strengths:

Describe how you use your strengths in everyday life:

Describe how you have used your strengths to overcome a specific challenge.

Thanks, Murray!  This is a great exercise.
Murray works with adults.  He’d love to work with you.  

Book your appointment with MURRAY here.

Cheers to celebrating strengths, 


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