Have you ever wanted to try meditation?  Our Erica Kovach (Registered Psychologist Provisional) has some easy steps for you to follow to get you started!


Loving-kindness Meditation.

Starting a formal meditation practice is easier than you might imagine! Modern research and Buddhist Psychology both endorse meditation’s positive impact on your mental health.

This type of meditation allows us to harness the healing potential of our heart through cultivating and expressing feelings of love and compassion. This is particularly useful if you struggle with self-criticism, are experiencing disappointment, anger, anxiety, or depression.

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Here are the steps! Take a minute to focus on each one before moving on.

1. Find a comfortable place to sit, close your eyes, and relax any tense muscles.

2. Bring your attention towards the heart. Use your breath to breathe in and out of this area, as if it were your heart breathing with love.

3. Repeat the following phrases 4 times. The first time, imagine sending the messaged to someone you love. The second time, send them to someone you find difficult. The third time, send them to all living beings. The fourth time, send them inward to yourself.

May you be happy and filled with peace.

May you be loved and cared for.

May you be healthy and well.

May you be safe from inner and outer harm.

May you live with contentment, and ease.

Thank you, Erica. I agree…meditation (even for a few minutes) can make a huge difference to calm the mind, de-stress and reduce anxiety.

Erica works with adults and youth 16+  Click here to book an appointment with Erica  🙂

Cheers to starting a meditation practice for relaxation and wellness!

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