Affirmations can be a powerful tool for changing your thinking, building self confidence & self esteem, and they’re helpful in managing stress and anxiety as well.  But I know for myself, I sometimes find them a bit clunky.  They can feel like they’re someone else’s words and they often don’t feel authentic to me.  Our Registered Social Worker Katarina Schmidt (or Kat as we call her) offers a fantastic alternative.  I think you’ll like it.  🙂

‘Iffirmations’ Over Affirmations

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Ever been told you just need to think more positively? Or, say these positive affirmations and they will help you feel better? Examples of affirmations include “I deserve love”, “Today will be a good day!”, or “I have everything I need”.

Some people find these affirmations don’t sit well with them because it feels like you’re trying to trick yourself into believing them.

When we feel entirely opposite of what an affirmation is telling us to feel, it can be frustrating and like we are fighting to force ourselves to feel differently than we currently do.

In comes Dr. Christine Gibson (MD), a family doctor and trauma specialist
out of Calgary, AB.

Christine has a concept called ‘Iffirmations’, simplified as putting ‘what if’ in front of an affirmation. Examples of ‘Iffirmations’ include ‘What if I deserve love?’, ‘What if today will be a good day?’, or ‘What if I have everything I need?’

Christine explains that these ‘Iffirmations’ can plant seeds of possibility and provide flexibility of mental responses that in itself can be very healing. How does your body feel when you say affirmations versus when you say ‘Iffirmations’? Do you notice one makes you feel calmer, or that you feel one is true?

Dr. Christine Gibson shares more on ‘Iffirmations’, trauma-informed and easily accessible content on her TikTok @tiktoktraumadoc and you can learn more about her  here

Thanks, Kat!  I love this.  It’s such a great mindset shift!

Kat has her Masters degree and is a Registered Social Worker.  She specializes in the following areas:  

– Stress
– Anxiety
– Panic Attacks
– Depression
– Grief
– Self Confidence
– Self Esteem
– Self Compassion
– Complex Trauma
– Bipolar Disorder
– ADHD (Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder)
– ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)
– FASD (Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders)
– Mental Health Issues
– Communication Issues
– And More!

Kat offers Individual sessions for Adults.

Book your appointment with KAT here.

Cheers to all the What if’s, 


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