Jesslet Siluvairayan BA, MSc , CCPCPR

Jesslet is amazing! She is extremely talented & loves working with Children & Families, specializing in Behavioral & Mental Health issues, Play Therapy, Learning Disabilities & Autism, Parenting Issues, Domestic Violence, Trauma & Cross-Cultural issues. She also does excellent Adult & Couples work as well.
Coming from The Child Development Institute, and the Aisling Discoveries Child and Family Therapy Centre in Toronto, Jesslet brings incredible experience, effective tools and superior methods to assist children, youth and families. She is skilled in SNAP (Stop Now and Plan) a world renowned cognitive-behavioural strategy that helps children and parents regulate angry feelings by getting them to stop, think, and plan positive alternatives before they act impulsively.
Plus, she speaks 5 languages including English, Hindi, Kannad, Tamil & Malayalam.
We love her fabulous smile, her warmth, her desire to make a difference and her delightful sense of humor. She brings joy to our office.
When she’s not at work with us, Jesslet loves spending time with her husband and her two lovely children. We understand she is also a heck of a cook! Yum!


Trusted AdminJesslet Siluvairayan BA, MSc , CCPCPR