Penney Murphy Managing Stress Like a Pro

Managing Stress Like a Pro: A 2 hr Evening Workshop

 Are You Stressed? If so…you’re not alone.

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Penney Murphy Managing Stress Like a Pro workshopJoin Penney Murphy for her special
‘Managing Stress Like a Pro’ Workshop. 

It doesn’t matter what you do.  It doesn’t matter where you work or what industry you work in.  Stress doesn’t pick favorites.  It’s everywhere and ever present.  Don’t let Stress take the joy out of your life! 

Are you dragging your butt instead of kicking up your heels?  Join Penney for a quick hit of learning that will CHANGE your life!  Get INSTANT results! 

During this 2 hour workshop, Penney will share some of her favorite stress management tools, techniques and tips
to help you instantly decrease your stress and increase your happiness & add to your quality of life.   

Here’s what others are saying after attending a ‘Managing Stress Like a Pro’ Workshop: 


“I soooo needed this!  Thanks Penney!” – James S.

“I feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest because I learned a lot of things about what I’m experiencing that I’ve never learned at other stress workshops.  You’re an incredible woman Penney and I really enjoyed meeting you.  Never lose your spirit, it’s wonderful!”
– Kelsey K.

“What a great night!  The 2 hours went by so fast and I totally enjoyed it.  Great information and learning!” – Erin F. 

“I’d highly recommend this to my friends and family.  Penney had the whole group melting like butter by the end of the night! 🙂  So relaxing! And I really appreciate the workbook and the techniques that Penney shared.  I feel confident that I can manage my stress using any and all of these techniques.  Thanks so much!” – Jackie B 

Penney Murphy Managing Stress Like a Pro workshop

Does this sound like you? 

You feel tense, nervous, anxious or on edge at work, at home or both.

You feel overwhelmed dealing with an exhausting work load. 

You can’t sleep because your mind is racing.  You can’t seem to turn it off.  

You worry about how you’re going to handle changes coming at work.  

You’ve been dealing with stress for a long time and don’t know what to do anymore.

You’re taking more and more sick days off because it’s just too much.  


Join Penney for this special 2 hour workshop.  

You will learn effective, easy techniques to help you to manage your stress immediately and get instant relief.  

This will be the best $100 you’ve ever spent.  

Monday Jan 15th  – SOLD OUT  
Wednesday Jan 17th – SOLD OUT 
Monday Jan 22nd – SOLD OUT 
Monday Feb 26 – SOLD OUT
Wednesday, Feb 28 – SOLD OUT
Wednesday, Mar 7th – SOLD OUT
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Wednesday, Mar 28th – SOLD OUT 

Tues April 10th – 1 spot left 
Mon Apr 16th – SOLD OUT
Wed Apr 25 – SOLD OUT

Tues May 1st – 7 spots left

Maximum 10 people per workshop.   Book your spot before it sells out!  

REGISTER TODAY by calling our office at 306.242.1010

Don’t miss this chance to make a BIG difference in your life!  

Penney Murphy Managing Stress Like a Pro

penneyManaging Stress Like a Pro: A 2 hr Evening Workshop