Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team Penney Murphy & Associates Saskatoon
At Penney Murphy and Associates, we offer the absolute Best of the Best.

I believe our diverse group of expert counselors is unlike any other you will find in Western Canada.

We are truly committed to excellence, offering the broadest range of counselling expertise backed up by years of education, experience, on-going development, and my 100% satisfaction guarantee.

When someone wants to join our team, I look for a passion and a commitment to helping. I look for people who not only can help you, our clients, improve your life and situation, but who also live a positive, authentic, and happy life themselves.

I have the greatest admiration for our team, not only for the amazing level of professionalism and ability, but also because we are friends, we are family and we are all here to help you and your family.

Our mission statement at Penney Murphy and Associates is something we all take very seriously:

When you Succeed…We Succeed.

Penney Murphy
B.A., B.S.W., M.S.W., R.S.W.
President / Owner

Meet Our Team – The LIFE CHANGERS

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Greg Pauli

Individuals (Adults & Teens/Youth)

Olivia Pawluk

Individuals (Youth 13+, Adults)

Carol Metcalfe

Individuals (Children, Teens/Youth & Adults), Couples and Families

Hildy Bennett Penney Murphy & Associates
Hildy Bennett

Children, Teens, & Adults & Families

Myron Wealr

Individuals (Children, Teens/Youth, Adults) and Couples & Families

Jesslet Siluvairayan

Children & Families

Jen Mazur

Individuals, couples, families, children and youth

Garry Prediger

Individuals (Teens/Youth, Adults), Couples and Families

Julie Hershey

Children, Teens/Youth, Adults, Couples & Families

Joel Kyle - Penney Murphy & Associates
Joel Kyle

Individuals (Children, Teens/Youth & Adults) and Couples

Dawn Linnick

Career Coach

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