Corporate Workshops

 Employers & Business Owners

Talking about Mental Health with your team is a GOOD Thing.
Giving them tools to improve their own
Mental Health is EVEN BETTER.
It’s a guaranteed Value Added Benefit!
And a Win-Win for your team
and your business.

Penney Murphy presents:

Feeling GroovyEasy Ways
To Improve Your Mental Health & Wellbeing



In this engaging 2 hour workshop, your team will actively learn about:

The Mechanics of Stress
What It Is
How It Operates
Signs and Symptoms of Stress
What It Does To The Body and The Mind
Effective Tools To Manage Stress

The 5 Best Friends
Stress, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression and Low Self Esteem and the common thread between them all.

The Power of Positive Emotions
What they are
What they do
How to get more of them

10 Easy Things To Improve Mental Health and Wellbeing Right Now

This workshop can be delivered at your location or a location of your choice.  Workbooks included for all participants.

Here’s what other employers are saying about this workshop:

“Whether this is someone attending 
a mental wellness session for the first
or one hundredth time,
there was something for every employee to take away and to
practically apply to their daily routines. 

These sessions proactively provide
tools and give them confidence
to take charge of their
mental health and wellbeing. 

Penney is a dynamic, engaging speaker with a great sense of humor,
which keeps everyone’s attention
and allows them to be more open to
the process and the tools outlined.  

We had an overwhelmingly positive response to her session, with many mentioning how the ‘timing’
couldn’t have been better for them personally.”

Kristy Werner,
Vice President & General Manager
650 CKOM & 980 CJME
Rawlco Radio 


Give your team the tools they need to improve their
Mental Health & Wellbeing.

Monday – Thursday          $500.00 + G.S.T.
Saturday or evenings        $750.00 + G.S.T.

Spring dates available.  Book your Team Workshop today! Call our office at (306) 242-1010.

There will be a VERY GOOD Return on your Investment.  It’s a win-win for your team and your business!

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