Pandemic Fatigue?  You’re not alone! 

I don’t know about you, but there are days when it feels like this pandemic will never end. I’m tired of the stress, worry, and the uncertainty.  If you’ve been feeling like this, too…you’re not alone.

Read about our Counsellor Wendy Monks-Janzen’s advice for getting past or through Pandemic Fatigue.

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We have been taking Covid precautions for the better part of a year and a half, and many of us are experiencing Pandemic Fatigue.  We’ve all had enough.

We have so badly wanted to see a ‘return to the norm’.  However, as we head into fall and the real potential of having to deal with another wave, some days, it may feel as though normal will never return.

A shift in mindset may help.  We can see that a new norm is emerging, as we come to understand that Covid may never totally disappear and that this new norm may involve us continuing to take precautions to some degree.

To begin a shift to that mindset, remind yourself to remain flexible; give yourself permission to navigate decisions with flex, rather than with strictness. Decisions change, and our responses will as well.

Incorporate gratefulness into your day. The pandemic can have us feel as though our choices, or activities or experiences are being taken away; however, we can begin to look at our days, as an opportunity to connect, learn a new skill, focus on what we can control and recognize our ability to be resilient.

Thanks so much, Wendy!  Great advice.

If getting through is becoming difficult for you or your family Wendy would love to work with you.  She works with adults, youth and children of all ages.

Book your appointment with Wendy, here.

Cheers to a new mindset.


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