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Insurance / Extended Benefits Coverage

Just like coverage for dental services, prescriptions, massage therapy & chiropractic services…if you have insurance or extended benefits through your employer, you will likely have coverage for Counselling as well. (Sometimes it’s referred to as Psychotherapy). 

For example, through Blue Cross, Great West Life, Canada Life, Sun Life, Greenshields, etc.

 Please Note:  Each Insurance Provider has specific requirements. 

Please check your coverage and book with a Counsellor who meets your requirements
to ensure that you will be reimbursed.

Some insurance companies will only cover sessions with a specific type of Counsellor.

All Insurance Companies cover Registered Psychologists.

Most Insurance Companies cover Registered Social Workers.

Some Insurance Companies including Blue Cross will cover Registered Counsellors.

Once you know what your requirements are,
choose a Registered Psychologist, a Registered Social Worker
or a Registered Counsellor
who meets with your Insurance Providers requirements
and book your In Person, Video or Phone Session.

If you happen to book with a Counsellor who is not covered by your Insurer…they won’t reimburse you.
Unfortunately we have no way of knowing what your insurance requirements are.

If you are uncertain about your insurance / extended benefits coverage,
please inquire with your Insurance provider
or your Employer for the details of your coverage
to ensure that you will be reimbursed
by your Insurance Provider for your counselling sessions.

Avoid the stress and disappointment of your claim being turned down
by knowing your Insurance requirements BEFORE you book an appointment.  

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