Separation and Divorce Counselling

separation and divorce counselling

Separation & Divorce Counselling will help you to move forward if your relationship is at an end.  When couples go their separate ways, it can be a difficult time for all involved.  The end of a relationship can cause intense emotions, extreme stress, confusion, sadness, grief, anger, guilt, fear, vulnerability, and anxiety, affecting not only the couple but the children as well. Separation and Divorce Counselling is here for you at times when relationships end.

At Penney Murphy & Associates, we can help you to make this difficult transition easier for you and your family.

We offer Counselling to help with:

  • Difficult conversations with your children, extended family & friends.
  • What and how much to tell the children
  • Co-parenting through separation/divorce
  • Children & Youth to help them cope with feelings and thoughts
  • Negotiating living arrangements
  • Kids transitioning between parents and households
  • Consistency in routines
  • Behaviour Challenges
  • The grieving process following a divorce
  • Separation/divorce recovery
  • The introduction of a new relationship
  • Blended families

We also offer:

  • Mediation
  • Child Custody/Access Assessments which are completed according to Saskatchewan Family Justice Services standards.
  • Children’s Voices Assessments which focus on the child’s perspective in separation and divorce. These assessments are completed according to Saskatchewan Family Justice Service standards.


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