Sign #14: You’ve stopped prioritizing your wellbeing and happiness.
Do you feel like you’re in a rut?
Are you tired, bored, burned out, unengaged, uninspired, unmotivated or all of the above?

Consider this a special invitation to make yourself a priority.

Take a moment to think about the past few weeks.


Question #1: What did you do in terms of your own self care?
Question #2: How much time and attention you’ve been devoting to your own wellbeing.
Question #3: Have you been neglecting activities that bring you joy and fulfillment? Question #4: Have you put the needs and desires of others ahead of your own consistently?
My guess is that you’ve answered Questions 1 & 2 with ‘not much’, and Questions 3 and 4 are both a yes.
When you notice that you’ve stopped prioritizing your own wellbeing, happiness, and contentment, it can be a clear sign that you may be ready for a change.
Life can be busy and demanding, but neglecting your own needs and happiness only leads to a sense of disconnection, emptiness or dissatisfaction.
Your wellbeing and happiness are essential for a balanced and fulfilling life. When you prioritize your own needs, you create a solid foundation for your overall well-being, which positively impacts all areas of your life. And you’ll be setting a good example for the important people in your life.
Recommit to self-care and prioritize activities that promote your wellbeing, happiness, and contentment.
Get back to the basics.
– Try to make healthy food choices as often as you can.
– Drink plenty of water.
– Meditate, practice mindfulness or journal.
– Practice Gratitude daily.
– Move your body in any way that feels good and that’s fun.
– Set up a night time ritual to help you get more and better sleep.
– Hang out with people who make you feel good, excited, or inspired.
– Say goodbye to people who are toxic, draining or generally unpleasant to be around.
– Allow yourself to rest
– Breathe (in through the nose, hold, out through the mouth)
– Notice when you’re feeling stressed or anxious and take steps to decrease both
– Say no. Take things off your plate.
– Learn something new
– Pick up a good book
– Talk to yourself with love
Remember, prioritizing your own wellbeing and happiness is not selfish; it’s necessary and YOU DESERVE IT!!!!
When you take care of yourself, you are better equipped to show up for others and make a positive impact in the world. Embrace the journey of self-care, seek out activities that bring you joy, and make a conscious effort to cultivate a sense of contentment and happiness in your everyday life.
Isn’t this what we’re all after?

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