Stress.  Have you had enough of it?  Did you know that our bodies store it?   Our Registered Social Worker Katarina Schmidt has some interesting information for you.  

Stress, Trauma and the Body 

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When we are under a lot of stress or have experienced trauma, it tends to hang out in our bodies.

The nervous systems in our bodies can be impacted evoking the fight-flight-freeze states.

These states can, in a sense, make us want to battle (fight), make us want to run (flight), or make us stop in our tracks (freeze) depending on circumstances.

Sometimes talking through these feelings and experiences with those around you, your family, friends, counsellor or doctor can help them dissipate.

However, sometimes we need to *do* an action to help relieve some of this stored stress and trauma. 

Here are 2 options to try from trauma expert himself Dr. Peter Levine: 

  1. Give it a Shake – Try sitting with yourself and start to shake one arm for a few seconds, then move to the next for a few more seconds. You can then try standing up and giving each leg a shake. Or, you can go all in and do a whole-body shake! 
  1. Say “VOOO” – Take a large inhale and as you exhale make the sound “vooooo”. Let this sound come from down in your belly all the way up until your breath naturally runs out. Try this for a couple rounds to help calm your nervous system 

Check-in with yourself. Do you feel any sense of calm or relief after you try either of these options? 

  • Katarina Schmidt MSW, RSW 

Thanks, Kat!  Stress is something we can all continue to learn about.  

Kat has her Masters degree and is a Registered Social Worker.  She specializes in the following areas:  

– Stress
– Anxiety
– Panic Attacks
– Depression
– Grief
– Self Confidence
– Self Esteem
– Self Compassion
– Complex Trauma
– Bipolar Disorder
– ADHD (Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder)
– ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)
– FASD (Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders)
– Mental Health Issues
– Communication Issues
– And More!

Kat offers Individual sessions for Adults.

Book your appointment with KAT here.

Cheers to ridding our bodies of stored stress, 


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