Do you ever have trouble making decisions?  Our Registered Psychologist (Provisional) Murray Heintz has a fantastic technique that he shares below!  

Have A Soda

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Making decisions can be an arduous task for both youth and adults alike. Indecisiveness, flip-flopping between possible choices, picking the quickest or easiest option, or generally feeling stuck as to what to do are common reactions when a decision needs to be made, and one is struggling to decide. So, what to do? If you struggle with choices, you might try having a soda.

To be more precise, you might try using a problem-solving tool called the SODAS-F. The SODAS-F problem-solving method aids a person in thinking clearly and making decisions based on reasoning rather than emotions or external pressures.

SODAS-F stands for:

S = Situation – clearly identify and define what the problem is or what the decision to be made is

O = Options – what options are available to me

D = Disadvantages – what are the disadvantages of each option

A = Advantages – what are the advantages of each option

S = Solution – what Solution am I choosing

F = Follow-up – evaluate the outcome of the choice and adjust if needed or necessary

The technique can be taught to children and youth who lack problem-solving experience.

Adults also benefit from employing a more systematic problem-solving tool when they feel overwhelmed with their choices and the decisions they need to make.

The SODAS method helps people think clearly and make decisions based on sound reasoning rather than external pressures or spur-of-the-moment feelings.

Thanks, Murray!  I love this!
Murray works with adults.  He’d love to work with you.  

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Cheers to easier decision making, 


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