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Individual Counselling

Are you dealing with something in your life that’s making you feel stressed, overwhelmed, stuck or unhappy?  You’re not alone. Every one of us has ‘stuff’ that we deal with at one point or another.  For the most part, we can figure it out, but sometimes the situation is so overwhelming, complex or new to us that it’s difficult to know how to move forward or to solve the issue.

That’s where we come in at penney murphy & associates.  No matter what you’re dealing with…we can help.

Click the link below to find out how we can help you.


Couples Counselling

Think of a ‘Couple Relationship’ as being similar to the foundation on a house.  If it’s not strong and solid, the house is going to fall down.  It’s the same thing with your relationship. Whether it’s good or bad, your relationship impacts everything in your life.

We get it.  Life gets busy.  Work.  Kids.  Finances. Extended family.  Obligations. You’re pulled in a million directions, exhausted and sometimes your relationship can suffer as a result.

If your relationship isn’t what you want it to be…we can help.

Click the link below to learn more about our Couples Counselling.

Child/Youth & Family Counselling

Sometimes it’s tough being a kid.  If your child is struggling with anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, learning difficulties, bullying, stress, or mental health issues…We Can Help.

Teens face a lot of pressures. Stress, anxiety, depression, social media, relationships, expectations at home, at school and from friends. Trying to fit in versus wanting to be authentic.  Having to make decisions about the future, but often feeling uncertain. It can make anybody’s head spin.

The good news is that we have Counsellors who have specialized training and experience to help kids & teens cope with all of the stresses they are facing

IN PERSON Sessions are available!

Prefer a VIDEO or Phone Session?  No Problem!
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(right across the street from the north end Brick store)  


Work with Us

penney murphy & associates.
We work with adults, kids, teens, couples, and families.
Choose daytime, evening and Saturday appointments for your convenience.
Our address is 518 Circle Drive East in Saskatoon.

You can Schedule An Appointment on our website or feel free to call us at (306) 242-1010 at your convenience.

Simply let us know if you have coverage through your employer or through Insurance / Extended Benefits. 
No Coverage through your employer or Insurance?  NO PROBLEM.  

And we’ll take care of the rest.  

Employee & Family Assistance Programs (EFAP) 

If you are a City of Saskatoon employee or family member, or if your employer has an Employee & Family Assistance Program with us, the cost of your counselling sessions will be covered for you by your employer.

Insurance / Extended Benefits 

Just like coverage for dental services, prescriptions, massage therapy & chiropractic services…if you have insurance or extended benefits through your employer, you will likely have coverage for counselling or psychotherapy as well. For example, through Blue Cross, Great West Life, Sun Life, ManulifeGreenshields, etc.

Please Note:  Insurance companies have specific requirements for Counselling.

Some insurance companies will only cover sessions with a Registered Psychologist, while others may require a Registered Social Worker.

As each insurer has different requirements, please check your coverage and book with a Counsellor who meets your requirements to ensure that you will be reimbursed.

If you are unsure whether your employer has an EFAP with us, or if you are uncertain about your insurance / extended benefits coverage, please give our office a call at (306) 242-1010 or send us an email to and we’d be pleased to help you. 

No coverage through your employer or insurance? 

NO PROBLEM!  We’d love to work with you.    

Life’s too short to be stressed or unhappy.  We can help!  penney murphy & associates


What People Are Saying

“I am been attending various workshops and utilizing Penney Murphy & Assoc. services  have had a wonderful experience every time. The staff are professional and personable,
the Counsellors are very knowledgeable
and helpful, and the workshops have been amazing!  I have learned so much about myself and how to be a healthier person inside and out.  I highly recommend Penney and her team.”

Tracy A

Business Owner

“I have worked with many people, but I was never able to achieve the kind of results I have with you.
Thank you!”

James M


“I learned a lot of life skills to better myself.  I would highly recommend the Counselling services at Penney Murphy & Associates and the workshops to everyone!”

Lois U.


“I was skeptical at first.  I didn’t know what to expect but I learned a lot about myself.
I gained valuable insight into my mindset and how to manage my stress.
I’ve got my confidence back and I’m actually enjoying my job now. And things are good at home, too.”

Braden T


“I can’t believe how much
this has helped to
reduce my anxiety.
The counselling sessions and the tools I learned made a big difference.  I used to drive myself crazy with all the worry, the what if’s and imagining the worst.  Now I can finally relax. It’s a relief.
Thanks for making me feel so comfortable”

Austin G


“I learned that I am not alone and that we all have shared experiences in this life. It helps to dig deep to discover our own self worth, appreciate it fully and mirror that back to others who are needing to see those gifts in their own life journey.”
Corla M



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Life’s too short to be stressed or unhappy.  We can help!  penney murphy & associates  Counselling Saskatoon.
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