We’re not taking any chances.   You’re too important! 

We're ready when you are


We are so pleased and excited to be able to welcome you back into our office for IN PERSON Counselling Sessions.

We’ve missed you like crazy!

We worked very hard to get our office ready for you…and we’re not taking any chances or risks with your health, safety and comfort.

You are too important and you deserve nothing but the best.


To maintain Social Distancing,
we are limiting the number of Counsellors working in the office each day, Monday through Saturday.

You can now book an IN PERSON Session online on our website
or feel free to call our Office at (306) 242-1010.

When you arrive for your IN PERSON Session, we ask that you call us (306) 242-1010 from the parking lot.
We’ll let you know when you can come in  🙂
This will ensure that there is no one in our reception area but you!

We’ll be asking you 4 COVID health questions…the same ones all of our staff are required to answer every day.

When you enter our building, you’ll be pleased to know that it is being cleaned and sanitized constantly.
This includes the cleaning and disinfecting of all doors, door handles, the elevator & all of it’s buttons,
the stairway & railing, and the washrooms.

Sanitizer Station

As soon as you enter our Office, you’ll see this beautiful large succulent bowl adorning our Hand Sanitizing Station.

Special thanks to our friends Chris & Roger at Solar Gardens for helping us to bring nature, freshness and a sense of calm into our space.

Marcy behind the plexiglass
And then you’ll be welcomed by our friendly Office Manager Marcy Atchison from behind her plexiglass shields.  If you have an evening or Saturday appointment, you’ll meet Christy, Rae or Mira.

Unfortunately, given the health and safety regulations, we aren’t able to offer you our Signature Nanimo Bars, Delicious Fresh Fruit Cups or our Incredible Freshly Ground Coffee.  But as soon as we can, we’ll have plenty for all.  🙂

Special thanks to Rob Jackson at MCK Equipment for the wonderful plexiglass shields.

Social Distancing

As we want to keep our hallway clear, your Counsellor won’t be greeting you at the Reception desk.

However, the offices have been numbered and you’ll be advised which office you’ll be working in so that you can meet your Counsellor there.

It’s no yellow brick road, but you can follow the bright orange strips on the floor to ensure social distancing.



Room Divider
Room Divider

Just for You!

For your health, safety and comfort, we had Custom Made Plexiglass Room Dividers built for every Counselling Office.
They’re huge!  5 ft wide x 6 ft tall.

These Plexiglass Room Dividers make it easy to see, hear and speak with your Counsellor.

Of course, if you want to wear a face mask…
we’re cool with that.  sealedcool

If you forgot your facemask at home…no worries…we’ve got you covered. We’ve got lots of them.

Special thanks to my Handyman Extraordinaire Steve Mihalicz and
Keith Sawatsky & his team at WD Plastics for taking the vision in my head and making it into reality.  laughing

Cleaning Supplies

In every Counselling Office, you’ll also see a beautiful bowl filled with
cleaning supplies, along with a lovely glass jar with more hand sanitizer.

Just because they’re cleaning and sanitizing products
doesn’t mean they can’t be pretty!  Right?

Before and after EVERY IN PERSON Session, the Counselling Offices are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.  Everything is cleaned…from doors, to door handles, light switches, chairs, floors, tables, desks, as well as the Plexiglass Room Dividers.

The beautiful succulent bowls in each office are
from our friends Roger & Chris at Solar Gardens.

When we say we aren’t taking any chances
with your health, safety & comfort…we mean it.  

We're ready when you are

And Now…We’re Ready When You Are!

When you want to see us IN PERSON…just give us a call at (306) 242-1010 to book your appointment.  

Not ready yet?  NO WORRIES.
We’re still offering our sessions by Phone, ZOOM and FaceTime for your comfort and convenience.  




Thank you for the opportunity to work with you. 

* We’re proud to be able to work with and support such fine local businesses as we reopened, including MCK Equipment, WD Plastics Ltd., Solar Gardens and Handyman Steve Mihalicz.

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