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At Penney Murphy & Associates… we’re all about SOLUTIONS!

The first thing you will notice about Penney Murphy & Associates…

is that we are not your average Counselling agency. While others focus on problems and pathologies (or what’s wrong with you), our focus is on strengths, potential, and opportunities for growth and change. 

We’re all about SOLUTIONS!  Creating better lives, stronger relationships, happier families and positive futures. 

Our purpose is to motivate, inspire, support and encourage our clients to realize their highest potential, to live their dreams, to become the confident, happy and successful people they want to be.  This is our commitment every day.

At Penney Murphy & Associates you will find a team of talented people dedicated to your success.  It is a place where happiness, wellbeing and success are achieved, and where obstacles are shared, discussed and overcome.  You will find support, encouragement, inspiration and the tools and resources you are looking for. 

No matter what you may be dealing with (an individual issue, a relationship or family issue, a mental health issue, work or career issues) we can help you to create the results you want in any & all areas of your life. We work with adults, children, youth, individuals, couples, families,  and businesses. 

Personal, Relationship and Family

Career building and assessments

Specialized services for businesses

Our hope is that no matter what brings you to Penney Murphy & Associates, you will experience the intended sense of hope, encouragement and the empowering belief that anything is possible and that you can change your situation, your life and yourself for the better. 

Using our Specialized Counselling Processes and Techniques, the majority of our clients experience positive change in just 2-3 sessions.

In fact, we believe so strongly in what we do, that we offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. It’s about offering hope, sharing effective tools and creating solutions.  At Penney Murphy & Associates you will find all three.  We guarantee it!

Creating better lives, stronger relationships, happier families and positive futures.


You can find us at:

#206 – 502 Cope Way
in the Stonebridge area of Saskatoon.
(The front of our building faces the back of the strip mall with
The Brick/Petland/HomeSense/Ashley Furniture)
P: 306.242.1010

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