Psychological Assessments For Adults


Our Registered Psychologist Murray Heintz
offers assessments for Adults 18+
which include testing & diagnosis for all of the following:
Generalized Anxiety
Social Anxiety
Panic Disorders
Adjustment Disorders
Substance Abuse Disorders
Depressive Disorders
(Major Depressive Disorder, Persistent Depressive Disorder,
Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Please note Murray Does Not offer
Cognitive testing – IQ tests, Testing for mental disabilities or delays

Psychoeducational testing – IQ Tests, learning disabilities

If you’d like to learn more or get further details,
you can speak directly with Murray
for a FREE 15 minute Phone Consultation about Psychological Assessments.
Simply call our front desk to book at (306) 242-1010.

The cost for an Adult Assessment is a flat fee of $2400 + tax includes:

3 – 4 hours in person for the assessment & testing

A thorough & detailed evaluation report that will be complete within 10 – 14 days after the testing

1 hour in person session with Murray to go over the report findings,
any identified diagnoses or areas requiring further support and recommendations.  


Murray offers assessments and testing for adults on Saturdays only.
A $500 non-refundable deposit is required when booking.

To book, please call our office at (306) 242-1010.

**Your insurance or extended benefits
may cover some or all of the cost**

Psychological Assessments for Children and Youth


Our Registered Psychologist (Prov) Jolissa Simon
offers a variety of psychological evaluations and assessments
for children and young adults  4 yrs  – 18 years of age
covering mental health issues, intellectual challenges,
specific learning disorders, as well as behavioral conditions,
including diagnostic evaluations. 

The Fee Schedule ranges from $2,000 to $3,200
depending on the level of complexity.
A total cost will be determined after the 15 minute phone consultation.
A deposit of 50% will be required at the Introductory Meeting
and the final 50% will be required at the Discussion of Outcomes Meeting.  

**Please check your insurance or extended benefits
as you may have coverage for some or all of the costs**


Step #1
15 Minute Phone Consultation

 This 15 minute phone consultation will be used to determine which type of assessment/evaluation is required. 

Step #2
Introductory Meeting:

     This meeting will require 1.5 hours

     For minors 14 yrs of age and under,
only parents need to be present.

     Adolescents aged 15 – 17 may come with their parents. 

Young Adults aged 18 may attend on their own.

    Step #3
Assessment & Testing

This meeting will require 4 to 6 hours

This session is exclusively
for the individual
undergoing the evaluation,
and the actual assessment and testing will be conducted.


Step #4
Discussions of Outcomes

     This meeting will require 1 hour

  This is for parents of children below 15 years of age.
Teenagers 15 and older may join their parents.
Those 18 years of age may attend by themselves.


The entire assessment process for children and youth encompasses approximately 3 – 4 sessions with variable intervals
between each appointment.

     A detailed evaluation report will be delivered, outlining any identified diagnoses or areas
requiring further intervention and support.

     Advice for educational advancement, mental health care, and potential treatment strategies
will be included in the report.

     The suggested hourly rate of $200/hr by the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists
is followed for any additional work and guides the above aforementioned work.


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