by Wendy Monks-Janzen, Registered Psychologist (Prov)


Here is an exercise to help you in ‘Finding Fulfillment in Your Day’.
Let’s try something together, it may be challenging, but it will be worth it.

Forewarning: you may find your thoughts straying from the exercise directives I am about to provide and remember,

When you notice they do, gently bring them back to what we are intentionally focusing on with as little self-berating as possible.

Pull out of a sheet of scrap paper, any will do (no artists here required).
Take a moment to reflect and draw an illustration, a quick sketch, of what you may need today to feel fulfilled.
It can be anything your mind brings to you.

How valuable is this to you?
How does this help or assist you now and moving forward?
How will it influence your mood or behaviour?

Who can assist you with meeting your needs?

Sometimes when we attempt to focus on an exercise like this, we can become overwhelmed with wanting to solve all of our problems.

The goal here is to simplify. We are focusing on one need, to manage at this moment. When our thoughts stray, bring yourself back to this moment.

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