by Wendy Monks-Janzen, Registered Psychologist (Prov)

Tips for Managing Summer Routines


Although we may be looking forward to the transition into summer, for some, the anticipation of the change to the routines of summer can feel unnerving.

We often reach a point in balancing between the much-needed break from overscheduled routines to unstructured days ahead.


What You Can Do Now


*Remember that routine is always occurring; however, when you actively choose what the structure looks like, your routine feels purposeful and intentional. For example, planning for unoccupied/free time, rather than feeling that the days are unorganized. Consider what parts of the day you want to remain scheduled and adapt these expectations. For example, meal times can become more flexible (11-1, rather than exactly at 12). If you are enjoying time in the moment allowing yourself to keep pursuing that present moment, rather than feeling forced to accommodate to a strict schedule.


What You Can Do in the Future


*Think ahead to your upcoming fall and winter schedules. What has led to feeling burnt out? Considerations for prioritizing activities, spacing out the timing or taking of lessons/events, and learning to say YES to those most prioritized and NO to those that make your cup overflow.

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