by Wendy Monks-Janzen, Registered Psychologist (Prov)

Here is a quick tip for achieving a goal. Pull out that bundle of sticky notes—the more colourful the better.

Step 1.  Take a moment to visualize a goal that you have been putting off—now draw it on one of the Post-It notes.  (i.e. Drawing self with a briefcase, wanting to look for a new job)


Step 2.  Take another Post-It note and write 2-3 steps of your plan of action to work towards achieving this goal.  (i.e. update resume; Schedule in 1 hour a week to job search)

Step 3.  Writing out specific ways that you will have known that you’ve achieved your goal  (i.e. Got responses, fine-tuned passion direction, and emphasized energy spent there)


Remember: be realistic with how many goals you are focusing on at once; it can feel overwhelming if you begin goal setting for several goals at the same time.


Prioritize your goals to what would be most beneficial at this time for you, to reduce stress.

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