by Wendy Monks-Janzen, Registered Psychologist (Prov)


Is all this rain getting you down? Or disappointing you with canceled plans, feeling stuck inside, or missed days of rays of warm sunshine. We all need a little reminder sometimes to cheer us up.


Remember – Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Instead of thinking what got taken away from you from all this rain; let’s reframe: What opportunity did you get to do instead?

Instead of going for that walk, did you enjoy watching the storm from your porch? Maybe connecting with a loved one at the same time.


Instead of dwelling on canceled plans, did you finally have those extra hours to catch up on your to-do list?

Instead of being busy all day, did you get a chance to cozy up and take a moment to rest and restore?
Maybe even engage with a hobby you’ve been meaning to do for a while, but haven’t had the opportunity to prioritize.

How has this rainy day enhanced your life?

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