Sign #6: You feel like you’re wasting your life – you’re increasingly aware of the passage of time and the need to make the most of it.
Feeling like you’re wasting your life is a powerful indication that you may be ready for a change. It reflects an increased awareness of the passage of time and a deep desire to make the most of the limited time we have.
This feeling often arises when there is sense a misalignment between your current life and the meaningful experiences or accomplishments you aspire to have.
Becoming aware can be a very helpful catalyst for transformation and growth.
It prompts you to evaluate how you’re spending your time and whether the way you’re spending your days and the actions you take are in line with or moving you forward toward the life you want to live. It’s a call to live with intention and purpose, to focus on the choices you’re making.
When I find myself in this headspace, I spend some quiet time thinking about what my priorities are, and revisiting what is important for me to do, be, feel or experience.
Remember, these things often change depending on the season of life you’re in so a regular ‘check in’ will be a big help to get you back on track, motivated and inspired.
Next, look at your daily & weekly routines to evaluate whether you’re on track with what you have identified as important. Are your choices or the way you’re spending your time in concert with these priorities?
If not…you know the answer to this 🤣

Look for activities, actions or areas in your life that need some tweaking to reset your direction. If what you’re doing right now isn’t getting where you want to go…action is needed.

Remember, the feeling of wasting your life can be a powerful motivator for change. Embrace it as a reminder of the importance of living intentionally and making the most of your time. Every day is an opportunity to take meaningful action.
Small steps or small changes will get the momentum going in the right direction.
Embrace the journey and reset as needed.

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