Worry In A Box.
A Wonderful Technique for Anxious Kids! 

If your child struggles with anxiety or stress, our Counsellor Wendy Monks-Janzen has a wonderful technique for you to share with your child. Read all about it below.  

Worry in a Box

Does your child experience anxiety, or find themselves excessively worrying about situations around them? We can help our children to acknowledge these worries by encouraging them to focus on the things that are making them worry—their intrusive thoughts. We can help them to contain their worries by placing them in a tangible box for safekeeping.

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Find a box—a Kleenex box will do! To make this exercise a mix of work and play, decorate the outside of the box by colouring or adding embellishments; a child will feel empowered if they takes ownership of what their worry box looks like. Then, work with the child to identify their worries, and writing them on strips of paper, to be folded, and added to their worry box.

It is helpful to have frequent check-in’s with your child and their worry box. These visuals help a child to recognize if their worries are still relevant, while also having the opportunity to address any worries that may still be lingering and causing anxiety.

This exercise is a way to connect with your child and have their emotions validated too!

Thanks Wendy!  I think parents will really appreciate this.
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Cheers to a safe and fun school year with less stress and anxiety for all children.


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