What would we do without our cell phones?  Yikes!  As helpful and entertaining as they are, they can cause us to be overstimulated which leads to brain overload.

Our Counsellor Wendy Monks-Janzen offers some tips if you’re experiencing social media overload.

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Feeling Overstimulated in a Social Media World

Most of our days are filled with stimulation—television or radio, music or videogames, computers or smartphones, or perhaps traffic or road construction, or children in the backseat of the car.

It can be difficult to avoid feeling over-stimulated, when some of these factors are out of our control.

Or at times, we find ourselves drifting towards increasing social media use, to avoid certain feelings/situations, or simply because sitting in silence has become abnormal.

Take a moment to ask yourself:

How is your mental health? Are you feeling anxious or depressed?

Are you having difficulty focusing or being attentive?

Do you have difficulty remembering, or find yourself forgetting things?

Do you find yourself withdrawing or avoiding?

These may be signs that you need to give yourself a break. This doesn’t mean flying off to Mexico for a retreat, but rather, finding ways to reduce the frequency of stimulation in your day and creating space for silence. Give yourself permission to ground yourself in the moment.

Thanks Wendy!  Click here to book an appointment with Wendy.
She works with Adults, Youth and Children of all ages.

Cheers to finding a happy balance.


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