Do you ever stop to think about how many feelings or emotions there are for us to experience?  Our Registered Social Worker Katarina Schmidt has something to tell us on the subject.  

Do you ever feel puzzled with what you are *actually* feeling? Maybe you can recognize one of the more well-known emotions of happiness, anger, sadness, surprise, and disgust but maybe these did not seem to truly describe what you were feeling. Good news! There is a wheel that can help with just that predicament.  

The Feelings Wheel 

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 For a larger version, click here

This wheel can be used to figure out exactly what you are feeling.

You start closest to the center to find which one of the more well-known feelings seems to fit. Then as you move farther away from the center you will find even deeper descriptors that fall under the initial feelings.

The goal of this is to provide more vocabulary, deeper descriptor words, and more options to identify exactly how you feel. This can allow for greater understanding of yourself, allowing better communication with those around you.

The wheel can also be shared with others in your life that have a hard time naming what they’re feeling. Hope this helps! 

  • Katarina Schmidt MSW, RSW 

Thanks, Kat!  

Kat has her Masters degree and is a Registered Social Worker.  She specializes in the following areas:  

– Stress
– Anxiety
– Panic Attacks
– Depression
– Grief
– Self Confidence
– Self Esteem
– Self Compassion
– Complex Trauma
– Bipolar Disorder
– ADHD (Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder)
– ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)
– FASD (Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders)
– Mental Health Issues
– Communication Issues
– And More!

Kat offers Individual sessions for Adults.

Book your appointment with KAT here.

Cheers to feeling our feelings, 


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