Christmas is supposed to be all fun & games…right?  In reality, it can be a whole lot of work, pressure and stress.  Our Counsellor Wendy Monks-Janzen has some helpful info to help.  

Some Ways to Cope with Holiday Stress

Holidays can bring unwelcomed guests, and I am not referring to Aunt Karen. I’m referring to Stress… Anxiety… Depression. These guests sometimes arrive early or invite themselves to the holiday gatherings.

Holiday Stress
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For many, navigating the holiday season comes with a history of an emotional toll. We often want to please others, while in the meantime, we forget about our own needs.

Take a moment to acknowledge how you are feeling, and remember there are usually valid reasons why other emotions aside from happiness pop up during the season. That is okay. That is normal.

This may be where you find yourself withdrawing, or isolating, to escape these unwelcomed guests.

I encourage you to take these warning signs as a message to reach out to those you can confide in. Even just being in the presence of others can help to reduce those spiraling thoughts and emotions.

Listen to yourself and remember it is okay to say no. Say no to obligations, or expectations that encourage those guests of overwhelm and resentment.

Say yes to those things that welcome positive guests, and be okay with setting boundaries to limit those that take away from that happiness.

Happy Holidays!

Thanks so much, Wendy.  Very timely and helpful information.

Wendy would love to work with you.  She works with children of all ages, youth, and adults.

Book your appointment with Wendy, here.

Cheers less stress & Happy Holidays, 


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