Perhaps as a result of the last two years of the pandemic, some people are rethinking their careers, considering early retirement or simply quitting their jobs.  This has been a common theme of many of our sessions over the past few weeks.

If you find that you’re questioning your employment, check out the article from our Counsellor Wendy Monks-Janzen.  I hope you find it helpful.  🙂

Career Satisfaction

Sometimes a job is just a job. Other times, the position is one earned with credentials or experience or knowledge. For some, we have our mind made up on what we want to do—we love our job! For some others, the path led differs from what was once envisioned.

There can be quite a discrepancy between what employment satisfaction looks like. Wage. Benefits. Interest. Passion. Experience. Opportunity. Happiness.

Job Satisfaction
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If you find yourself identifying with the statement ‘a job is just a job’, it may be likely that job satisfaction or lack of it may be causing stress in your life. Waking up to go to work in the morning shouldn’t feel dreadful. This is your warning sign to explore ways to increase your career satisfaction, to not only benefit your own mood and well-being, but those, like your family, as well.

Some signs to consider:

*Enjoyment felt while working

*Feeling valued by others, or work environment reflects my core values

*Utilizing your skills and abilities to the fullest potential

*Opportunity for learning and growth

*Openness and flexibility to explore your potential at work & a willingness to express yourself at work

*Feel confident and proud of yourself

Thanks, Wendy!  If you’re struggling with career satisfaction or dissatisfaction, and you’re interested in increasing your quality of life, book a session with Wendy.  She’d love to help you.

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Cheers to doing work we love,


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