Our Counsellor Wendy Monks-Janzen offers some great information about how you can think about your thoughts! 

Junk Mail Thoughts

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Often our thoughts feel like they are really important, but sometimes we need to create our own filter system—just like our email does—and toss some of our thoughts to our Junk Mail folder.

Inbox Folder – Important information

Junk Mail Folder – 90% of the thoughts we have each day, especially for those who worry, a lot

It can be helpful to gauge our thoughts with whether they are being helpful for us or for a situation or determining if they are causing unnecessary worry or stress. Higher ratings of helpfulness and lower levels of stress places these thoughts in our inbox as they are more likely to reflect important information; lower ratings of helpfulness and higher levels of stress thoughts go straight to junk mail, no need to mull over their effectiveness.

That’s so good, Wendy!  Thank you.

Wendy does awesome work with adults, youth and children of all ages.

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Cheers to thought filtering!


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