Rapid Fire Questions 

If you’re a fan of Brene Brown’s ‘Unlocking Us’ podcast on Spotify, you’ll be familiar with her Rapid Fire Questions that she asks of her podcast guests.  The questions allow you to get to know each guest a little from a personal standpoint.

I thought it might be fun to ask our Counsellors some Rapid Fire Questions (some are similar to Brene’s plus I’ve added a few questions of my own).  This will give you some insight and help you to get to know our Team.


Wendy Monks-Janzen

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 B.A., M.A., CCC, CCPA

Wendy Monks-Janzen has a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts (Child and Youth Care Counselling) and a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology.

She is a Registered Counsellor with the Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association.

Wendy is also a Canadian Certified Counsellor.

Wendy works with Adults, Couples, Children from Birth – 12 years of age, and Youth 13 – 18 years of age.
She offers ART & PLAY Therapy in her work with Children  🙂

Read about Wendy’s Areas of Specialization here. 

Here are Wendy’s answers to our Rapid Fire Questions

  1.  What is Your ‘Go To’ Stress Management Technique that you couldn’t            live without?  Playing and laughing with my kiddos

  2.  The Best Advice You Ever Got:  
       ‘A problem shared, is a problem halved’ &
Don’t get furious, get curious’

  3.  What is something that people often get wrong about you?
       That I am not just organized and controlled in nature, but that I also             have an adventurous side—riding my motorcycle (yes I have my license!),         dirt biking, snowmobiling etc. and I love to take advantage of               

  4.  What’s the last show you binged and loved?    
       The Ted Bundy Tapes (for the 4th time)

  5.  What is a lesson that you keep having to learn over and over again?        Building on my confidence and believing in myself

  6.  What’s your Favorite Meal:  
       A Smoothie

  7.  A Concert You’ll never forget:

  8.  What’s on your nightstand right now? 
       Sticky notes of drawings from my littles and a favourite novel

  9.  Give us a snapshot of an ordinary moment in your life that brings 
       you great joy: 

       Embracing the fresh air 365 and going for a family walk with spouse,
       2 littles, and 2 furbabies in tow.
       Snuggling after reading bedtime stories and being present to hear all
       about my girl’s happy and worrisome moments of her day so she can
       sleep peacefully; then swap rooms and have special snuggles with my 
       boy during our bedtime rituals.
       Making everyday moments a point of connecting.

  10. What is one thing you’re deeply grateful for right now?

       With 5 losses in 2021, 3 of them tragic, I am grateful to breathe and live
        life with purposeful and fulfilling moments.

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