Everybody is so busy!  I know it.  And sometimes we wear our ‘Busy’ as a badge of honor.  We’re proud of it.  We talk about it.  We put more energy and importance into being busy than we do on rest, relaxation and recharging our batteries.  Unfortunately, we can only do that for so long before something’s got to give.  And it’s usually our physical and mental health.   Our Psychologist Olivia Dangas schools us up on rest.  

Types of Rest

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We know that quality rest helps us to avoid burnout, but it might be less familiar that rest is more than just getting a good sleep at night! There are 7 types of rest that we need to be mindful about engaging in.

1. Physical Rest

Passive: sleep 7+ hours/night

Active: stretch, massage, use an ergonomic chair and desk

2. Mental Rest

– Make a to-do list (and prioritize it)

– Meditate

– Take a break from problem solving

– Utilize rituals and systems to streamline things in your day

3. Social Rest

– Evaluate the relationships that give you energy vs steal it

– Spend more time with those that give energy

– Take time to be alone

4. Spiritual Rest

– Volunteer

– Do a random act of kindness

– Engage in things that feel purpose-driven

5. Sensory Rest 

– Take break from social media

– Limit bright, stimulating lighting and loud noises

– Set boundaries with notifications

6. Emotional Rest

– Spend time with people you can be authentic around

– Journal to release built up feelings

– Share with a loved one or professional

7. Creative Rest 

– Spend time in nature

– Engage in inspiring movement, music, books, etc.

– Stimulate your senses (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell)

(Source: Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith)

This is great stuff, Olivia!  Rest is so very important and yet it doesn’t seem to get our attention as often as it should.  

Olivia would love to work with you.  She works with Adults, Couples and Youth 13+.

Book your appointment with OLIVIA, here.

Cheers to getting more and better rest!


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