Self care is one of those catch phrases that’s thrown around and has many definitions.  One thing I know for sure is that self care is vital to our wellbeing and our happiness.  Our Psychologist Olivia Dangas breaks it down for us with some wise words from Author and Activist Glennon Doyle.  

Real Self-Care

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Activist and author of Untamed, Glennon Doyle takes a unique and compelling view on self care.

As we know, self-care is vital in managing our stress and well-being. According to Glennon, the type of self care we’ve been sold as a society is “outer shell” or “easy button” self-care. These would include things such as food, shopping, and scrolling on social media, for example.

Glennon believes that these self-care things only temporarily transport us out of pain, and actually transport us further away from our true selves (i.e., we abandon ourselves). Instead, she encourages us to consider our “reset button” items. These things could include setting healthy boundaries, engaging in meaningful movement, exploring hobbies and activities, connecting with family and friends.

When we choose reset over easy button self-care items, we stay WITH ourselves. Glennon proposes that the reward of staying with ourselves (vs easy button self-abandonment) is self-trust, and that the reward of self-trust is PEACE.

What are your easy button self care items?

What are your reset button items?

What do you need to do more of? Less of?

How do you feel when you use reset buttons versus easy buttons?

Listen to Glennon speak on this topic here:

Thanks for sharing this, Olivia! I agree with Glennon…we all deserve and will benefit from real self care. And I’m a firm believer that self care also includes monitoring our self talk making sure to speak to ourselves with kindness, understanding and forgiveness.

If you need a bit more self care in your life…Olivia would love to work with you.  She works with Adults, Couples and Youth 13+.

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Cheers to real self care, and peace.  


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