STRESS MANAGEMENT TIP #7 – What are you feeding your Brain? 

Everybody knows that it’s important to make healthy food choices for the health of our bodies…but it’s just as important to make healthy choices in terms of what we’re feeding our brains!

It’s a scary world right now with the Coronavirus. It’s causing us all kinds of stress, anxiety, overwhelm and fear. We have to keep up to date on what to do and how to prevent the spread, but we don’t have to consume the information 24/7. And we shouldn’t consume it 24/7 for our own mental health.

The brain’s main job is to keep us safe from harm…to keep us alive. When we are inundated fast and furiously with everything Coronavirus related, the brain sees it as a threat and automatically turns on our Stress Response (Fight & Flight) to try and save our lives. If this is all you’re thinking about, you know how stressful it can be.

In times like this, we need to be really intentional in turning the Stress Response off. We can do this by feeding our brain something positive to balance out all the negative that we’re experiencing right now.

Read a good book. Play a fun video game. Dust off the Monopoly board. Color. Meditate. Look through the photos on your phone. FaceTime with friends or family. Laugh. Get outside (maintaining physical distance of course). Crank up your favorite music. Dance in the kitchen.

Do whatever you can to come up with something fun, positive, entertaining or calming. Distraction is a beautiful thing!

You will notice a HUGE difference in your stress and anxiety levels if you pay attention to what you’re feeding your brain.

At Penney Murphy & Associates, we specialize in helping people to manage stress and anxiety. We can help you if you’re feeling scared or overwhelmed, or if you have days when it all just seems too much. We are at our best when we are helping others. Let us help you.

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Take care.  Together we are strong.


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