When we’re feeling strong emotions it’s often difficult to deal with. Our Counsellor Wendy Monks-Janzen offers some great insight into surviving an Emotional Storm.


Surviving the Storm

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The winds are strong, you can barely walk forward hold onto your toque, or keep your jacket tucked together without being blown open. You try to keep yourself curled in close barely keeping your eyes open as the wind is too strong, the rain is coming down heavily making it difficult to see, and the clouds add another layer of greyness to the sky making it dark and hard to navigate the pathway without falling over or fearing of slipping mistakenly.

You’re on edge, perhaps fearful, or withdrawn, and want to go home and seek comfort.

You want to survive the storm. And You will.

You can survive the storm of emotions as well.

Emotions can sometimes feel like we are navigating through a treacherous storm, and we feel unsure of how we can make it through until the storm passes.

You will survive this storm, and the next because you have survived so many before.

Sometimes we need to reflect while we are in the midst of the storm at its intensity of it, maybe considering the destruction or anticipating the strength or growth of the storm continuation.

There are options though, look for places to take refuge from the storm and examine ways that you can endure it when the storm is at its strongest.

Thanks, Wendy!

Wendy does awesome work with adults, youth and children of all ages.

Book your appointment with Wendy, here.

Cheers to surviving the storm of emotions.


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