Have you received a mental health diagnosis?  Our Registered Psychologist (Provisional) Murray Heintz has some helpful information to keep in mind.

You Are Not Your Diagnosis:
Avoiding Labels


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Receiving a mental health diagnosis can create mixed feelings.

On the one hand, you are provided an explanation and reason for your symptoms and what treatments are available.

But, on the other hand, for others, the potential to be labeled can be detrimental mentally and emotionally. There is a possibility that through being labeled, your new identity becomes that of your diagnosis. The dehumanizing effects of labels can be seen in examples such as “She is a schizophrenic” or “He is borderline.” A person is distilled into a single dimension of their entire being.

To lessen the likelihood of unintended labeling, being mindful of how we describe others or ourselves is essential. Examples of how we can be more mindful include you are not the “bipolar one in the family.” Instead, you are someone living with bipolar disorder. Your anxiety does not define you; you are a person who is living with anxiety. You are not just a “depressed person.” You are someone who has depression.

Please remember, “Labels should help describe, not define.”

Thanks, Murray!  This is a very helpful reminder.  

Murray works with adults.  He’d love to work with you.

Murray does excellent work with:

– Anxiety (Generalized & Social Anxiety)
– Panic Attacks & Disorders
– Depression (Major Depressive Disorder current/past/recurrent and Persistent Depressive Disorder)
– Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
– Autism
– Substance Use Disorder
– Stress / Coping Skills
– Mental Health Issues
– Manic disorders including Bi-Polar Disorder 1 and 2;
– Psychotic Disorders – Schizophrenia
– Grief & Loss
– Anger Management
– Emotional Regulation
– Managing Change
– Behavior Management
– Self-esteem
– Self-confidence
– Communication
– Problem solving
– Crisis Management
– as well as many other issues

Murray works with adults offering individual sessions Monday – Friday.

Book your appointment with MURRAY here.

Cheers to understanding we are not our diagnosis  🙂


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